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Introductory Materials

Introduction (2:53 min:sec)

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Making Things Memorable (Effective Studying Approach by David Myers) (5:14)

Fischer et. al. Advanced Accounting 10e Textbook Companion Website

Module 1:  Partnership Accounting (Chapters 13 and 14)

Admission of a Partner Demonstration (Simplified) (4:18)

Liquidation of a Partnership (13:46)

Hints to Solve Partnership Problem P13-2 Fisher 10e (image only) *

Module 2 & 3:  Government Accounting (Chapters 15, 16 and 17)

Summary of GASB #34 (past students indicated this was easier to understand that oour textbook).

Hint to Solve General Fund Transactions P15-6 Fisher 10e (image only) *

Hint to Solve Various Transactions P16-6 Fisher 10e (image only) *

Government Agency - Statement of Activities P17-9 Fisher 10e (6:11) *

Module 4:  Accounting for Private Not-for-Profit Organizations (Chapter 18)

Hints to solve JEs for a Non-Profit Agency P18-4 10e (image only) *

Allocation of Not-for-Profit Expenses and JEs P18-8 Fisher 10e (6:28) *

Module 5: Accounting for Not-for-Profit Colleges and Universities and Health Care Organizations (Chapter 19)

Hints to solve JEs for a Public University - Contributions versus Exchange Transactions P19-3 10e (image only) *

Hint to solve JEs for a Public University P19-4 10e (image only) *

Module 6:  Accounting for Estates, Trusts and Debt Restructuring (Chapters 20 and 21)

Hints to solve Charge and Discharge Statement P20-5 Fisher 10e (image only)