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APA Reference Style (How to Avoid Plagiarism)

Avoiding Plagiarism and APA Reference Style (9:54 min:sec)

APA Formatting and Style Guide

Suggestions on Studying from John Durham PhD (1980)

Week OneTopics

Financial Statement Analysis

Instructor's Introduction (2:53 min:sec)

Horizontal and Vertical Analysis (3:51)

Financial Ratios (15:50)

Corporate Taxes (P1-6 5e or P1-4 3e) (5:13 min:sec)

Efficiency and Profitability Ratios (6:36)

Days Sales Outstanding (1:42)

Profitability Ratio - Computation and Interpretation (4:41)

Rocky Corp. - Net Cash Flow Calculation (2:24)

Earnings per Share and Price Earnings Ratio (image only)

Earnings per Share and Price Earnings Ratio (image only)

Week Two Topics

Time Value of Money

Present Value and Net Present Value (3:33)

Present Value Example (3:53)

Excel's Rate Function Example (3:35)

Future Value of a Lump-Sum Amount (0:56)

Future Value - Stream of Unequal Payments (6:42)

Loan Amortization Schedule (7:58)

Present Value - Lump-Sum Amount or Stream of Payments (2:01)

Lottery Winnings - Present Value Analysis (4:14)

Bond Valuation (5:06)

Working Capital

Cash Conversion Cycle (P13-1 5e) (3:48)

Cash Discount Plan (E13-5 5e) (3:48)

Changing Payment Cycle (1:15)

Spontaneous Sources of Funds, Accruals (P14-8 5e)(1:23)

Opportunity Cost of Passing Up a Discount (3:17)

Freeing Up Cash - New Inventory System (image only)